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The tunable digital brake light modulator for better road safety.

Various blinking modes turn conventional brake lights into an eye-catching hazard light. Successive vehicles can much quicker identify the activated brakes of a leading motorcycle. A considerable plus in motorcycle safety as bikes are prone to be overlooked. This is especially true with custom bikes and mods with either small or low riding brake lights. Higher end cars already use this technology (adaptive brake lights). Very common in here in the USA.

The mo.stop can also be used as a FLASHER RELAY WITH AUTOMATIC DEACTIVATION! Security feature.
If programmed accordingly, the flasher unit deactivates the turn signal(s) after 20 seconds. Say goodbye to accidental continuous turn signals.


Application as a brake light controller

  • Ultra compact and light - in essence just a piece of cable attached to a tiny, candy-sized device
    • Hassle-free wiring into the wiring harness - just connect in series with the brake light
    • 6 different brake light illumination/flashing patterns available
    • Almost load independent - applicable for almost all LED brake lights (min. 1 Watt) or conventional brake light bulbs
    • Utterly hassle-free connection using only two cables - just connect in series
    • Short circuit proof, - automatic overload protection - protection against voltage surges from the on-board system
    • No heat generation while operating
    • Also applicable for 6 V brake lights
    • Immediate loss free and brighter illumination of the brake light - water tight and vibration resistant

Application as a flasher relay (with or without automatic deactivation)

  • Almost load independent (min. 1 Watt)
    • Always constant flasher frequency
    • Therefore suited for almost all LED turn signal lights, all micro and halogen turn signal lights as well as all 10-watts and 21-watts turn signal lights etc.
    • Ideal for custom bikes and mods with little mounting space - no bulky conventional relay
    • e. g. works with 4 turn signal lights or 2 handle bar end turn signal lights etc.
    • Utterly hassle-free connection using only two cables - just connect in series
    • Also applicable for 6 V turn signal lights
    • Also applicable as flasher relay WITH AUTOMATIC DEACTIVATION


26 mm x 12 mm x 10 mm length of connection cables 2 x 60 mm

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