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Founded in 2011, with a love of motorcycles and a machining background of over 40 years it began.  We wanted something that would set us apart from other conglomerates, something personal.  Our business is built on customer service, without our customers spreading the good news we never would have a successful business. We never leave a question unanswered, and promise to continue to do so. All of our parts are quality made by the most experienced craftsmen. Everything from design to finish is expected to be the best, that’s truly the only way to stand out. Lastly, all of our motorcycle parts are made in the USA, with most all of them machined right here in Joplin, Missouri. We love to hear new ideas and we are constantly expanding our line of parts to fit all the popular models. Thank you for all the support and future business!


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Please note: Professional Installation Is Recommended of all Products represented on our site!

It is the installers’ responsibility to make sure all fasteners are tightened before operation of motorcycle. Speed Dealer Performance will not warranty components that are lost/damaged due to improper installation. Installation should be done by experienced professionals or competent home mechanics. If there are any questions regarding installation please contact us before you go any further. Periodic maintenance may be required.