MO. Blaze Disc Set

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m.Blaze Disc  LED bar end blinker for 7/8" or 1" handlebars 

Diameter: 35 mm (1 3/8")
Total length: 68 mm (2 11/16")
Length protruding out of the bar: 20 mm (3/4")
Length inside the bar: 48 mm 
Length of cable: 100 cm (40")
Weight: approx. 40 g 
Installation: rubber clamps for inner handlebar diameter of 14mm up to 21 mm are included.

Power consumption: approx, 7 Watt

This turn signal can be operated like any other LED turn signal with load resistors or all load independent flasher relays from motogadget (m.Flash, m.Wave, m.Stop, m.Relay+)

It fits very nicley with motogadget's m.Grip.

Not DOT approved, for show purposes only in the US

Set includes one left side and one right side turn signal

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