Speed Dealer Customs 4 Speed Transmission Kickstart Hydraulic Clutch Cover for Harley

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Made in the USA by Speed Dealer Customs

Harley 4 Speed Transmission Kickstart Hydraulic Clutch Cover Housing 

The classic Harley 4 speed transmission with a kickstarter covering the years from 1936 to 1984. This cover will help you convert your standard pull cable throttle to a hydraulic clutch. This is not a hydraulic clutch conversion, you will also need a hydraulic master cylinder and hydraulic line to length you require.  You might also need to modify your clutch pushrod with a different length.


  • CNC machined 6061-T6  aluminum
  • Aluminum bronze kicker bushing
  • Piston O-rings are chemical resistant Viton
  • The fill bolt is also O-ring sealed - no oil seepage here
  • All mounting bolts are 304 stainless steel
  • Fits most Harley 4-speed models from 1936-1984 with kickstart
  • Will also fit several aftermarket 4-speed transmissions as well
  • We recommend at least an 11/16" master cylinder, may require a larger one based on set up.
  • In addition to standard tools, to complete the installation you will need
    • Hydraulic Line Kit
    • Transmission Gear Oil
    • Manufacturers suggested Brake Fluid
    • Banjo Bolt Fittings are not included and must be purchased separately - Size needed for one Banjo Fitting 10mm, 3/8", AN#3 and one Bolt is 3/8-24 

Available in 2 Finishes:
Black Anodized

   *6061-T6 grade billet aluminum
Hand Polished
   *6061-T6  grade billet aluminum


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