1/4" Motorcycle Fuel Line High Octane

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* High Quality Tygon SE-200 Tubing
* Works with any type of fuel
* Chemical resistant--Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP)
   lining for  increased to chemicals, solvents, and alcohols
* Immune to sunlight hardening
* Kink resistant
* Strong polyurethane fuel line that does not collapse like
* Flexible
* Working temperature range of -40 to 170 degrees F and 
   durometer (hardness) of 67A
* 3/8" O.D. X 1/4" I.D.

Available in 5 Colors:
* Red
* Clear
* Green
* Blue
* Yellow

NOTE: Sold by the foot, please choose your length by selecting the quantity. For example a quantity of 3 would be 3 feet, all motorcycle fuel line is sold in uncut full pieces of your selected length.