Öhlins Honda PCX150 Shock Absorber 2012

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Öhlins aftermarket suspension products are designed to deliver dramatic handling improvement over stock suspensions. With just a turn of a dial, you control whether you want a plush, complaint ride for long stretches of open road, or a firmer suspension for hugging mountain curves and corners. Each shock will be specifically outfitted with springs to handle the weight your bike will carry, and they will be tailored to your riding style.

After you order shocks with us, we will send an email questionnaire to collect your bike and rider information. The shocks you will be getting, will be custom fit to you and your bike. Ship time varies depending on what we have in stock, and what your requirements are. Average wait time is 2-3+ weeks if we don’t have them in stock. If you have questions about fitment or want to talk to us about an application other than these give us a call or send us a message.

*All photos provided are stock photos, product may vary slightly from pictures shown.  Please read specs for what is included on this set of shocks.  

**Questions or concerns should be messaged to us prior to making the purchase to avoid delays to your order.

**Please reference our return/refund policy at bottom of page, any concerns over fitment or install should be directed to us before purchasing. It is recommended for all Ohlins products to be installed by a licensed Ohlins technician or licensed mechanic if an Ohlins technician isn’t an option.


Part Number HO 427
Type Code S36PC1 
Length 313 mm
Stroke 88 mm
Spring 60281-19 (Y)


Type Code Breakdown:

  • S- Single Tube Design
  • 36- 36mm piston Diameter
  • P- Shock Absorber with External "Piggy Back" Reservoir
  • C1- Adjustable compression dampening. Adjuster Wheel or Slot on the Reservoir.


  • 2012-2017 Honda PCX 150
  • 2014-2016 Honda PCX 125


For full refund certain terms apply. 

  • Ohlins Products are considered a special-order item because they are set up per rider and motorcycle specifications. Because of this a restocking fee up to 50% may be charged.
  • These items are shipped directly from the manufacturer as new, if returning for full refund to apply they must be in all original packaging and not mounted or altered in anyway.
  • Buyer is responsible for return shipping charges and costs.