mo.Relay Std. 20A

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The m.Relay is a very compact relay able to operate almost all appliances.

High or low beam, horn, ignition etc. can be switched easily and almost lossless. 

Higher current loads are put closer to the appliance (e.g. lights). Ignition lock and/or handlebar switch only have to bear a minimal pilot current load. Failures and burned contact pins are a thing of the past!
Due to minimized conductor loss, e.g. beam brightness is significantly increased - additional safety! 

A central threaded bore on the upper casing surface allows for easy mounting to any place, even if mounting multiple m.Relays. The m.Relay casing is turned from a solid aluminium block and anodized black. It is completely water-tight and vibration resistant.

Diameter 20mm (without cable), height 21.5mm

ATTENTION! The m.Relay is not suited to act as push-button control unit! Please refer to the m.Unit.

ATTENTION! The m.Relay is not suited to act as a flasher relay! Please refer to the m.Unit, m.Stop or (with additional push-button control unit) m.Relay+.

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