Motogadget MG-4003117 m-Can J1850 XL Molex


Motogadget MG-4003117 m-Can J1850 XL Molex

Motogadget MG-4003117 m-Can J1850 XL Molex


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Motogadget MG-4003117 m-Can J1850 XL Molex

The m-Can J1850 is a digital adapter for the hassle-free connection of our instruments PLUS indicator lights to the stock wiring harness.  No soldering or crimping necessary, so the warranty remains intact.

You will receive the specific plug connectors required for the connection to the stock wiring harness of the Harley-Davidson model you selected. Just connect the wires of the instrument, indicator lights and of the included plug connector with the screw joints of the m-CAN J1850. Then plug this side of the plug connector into the specific connector of your bike, and you are ready to go. Almost plug ’n ride, it doesn’t get any easier.

The m-CAN J1850 fits all H-D with TwinCam engine from 2004 on that have DEUTSCH  plug connectors and the dashboard on the tank (TwinCam). It also fits all Harley-Davidson Sportster models from 2004 on that have DEUTSCH (XL DEUTSCH) or MOLEX (XL MOLEX) plug connectors. Furthermore it can be used for all Harley-Davidson Vrod motorcycles that have DEUTSCH (VRSC) plug connectors.

Important: not compatible with any models that use Harley-Davidson LAN, e.g. Softtail from 2011 and later, Dynas 2012 and later, XL 2014 and later and all Rocker and Dyna-models, that have instruments on the triple clamp.

Parts delivered: m-CAN J1850 adapter with specific plug connector, 32 connection terminals, 2 x M3 mounting screws, 32 cable end sleeves, plastic sheet for fixing and anchoring the cables, 2 cable ties.

Length, Height, Depth without plug connectors: 72 mm / 42 mm / 26,5 mm
Weight including plug connectors and Cables: approx. 70 g
Plug connectors: model specific, see pictures
Fastening with two mounting screws M3


– Speed

– controls indicator lamp for MIL (check engine warning)
– controls indicator lamp for turn signalsr
– controls indicator lamp for high beam
– controls indicator lamp for oil pressure
– controls indicator lamp for fuel reserve
– controls indicator lamp for alarm

Not available:

– indicator lamp for ABS (if existing)
– indicator lamp for 6. gear (if existing)
– indicator lamp for battery charge indicator (if existing)
– fuel gauge (if existing)

Click Here for Mounting Instructions

Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2.8 x 1.6 x 1 in



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Accessories, Motorcycle Parts, Electronics




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Motogadget MG-4003117 m-Can J1850 XL Molex

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