MotoBatt AGM Motorcycle Battery Now Available at Speed Dealer Customs

MotoBatt AGM Motorcycle Battery Now Available at Speed Dealer Customs

MotoBatt AGM Motorcycle Battery Now Available at Speed Dealer Customs

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  • MotoBatt MBTX9U 12V 10.5 Amp 160CCA QuadFlex AGM Motorcycle BatteryMotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMBTX9U
  • MotoBatt MBT9B4 12V 9 Amp 115CCA QuadFlex AGM Yamaha R6 BatteryMotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMBT9B4
  • MotoBatt MB10U 12V 14.5 Amp 175CCA QuadFlex AGM Motorcycle BatteryMotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMB10U
  • MotoBatt MB12U 12V 15 Amp 160CCA QuadFlex AGM Motorcycle BatteryMotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMB12U
  • AGM Harley Davidson Battery by MotoBatt MBHD12H 1965-1984 FL FLH XLHMotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMBHD12H
  • AGM Honda Shadow Motorcycle Battery by MotoBatt MB16AMotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMB16A
  • MotoBatt MBTX12U 12V 14Amp 200CCA QuadFlex AGM Motorcycle BatteryMotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMBTX12U
  • MotoBatt MBT14B4 12V 13Amp 175CCA QuadFlex AGM Motorcycle BatteryMotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMBT14B4
  • MotoBatt MBTX14AU 12V 16.5Amp 190CCA QuadFlex AGM Motorcycle BatteryMotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMBTX14AU
  • MotoBatt MB16U 12V 20Amp 240CCA QuadFlex AGM Motorcycle BatteryMotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMB16U
  • AGM BMW Motorcycle Battery by MotoBatt MB51814MotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMB51814
  • MotoBatt MBTX24U 12V 25Amp 285CCA QuadFlex AGM Motorcycle BatteryMotoBatt Motorcycle BatteryMBTX24U

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Typical powersports battery designs available on the market today have not changed for many years. MotoBatt has listened to you, and by studying the way powersports batteries are used in today’s marketplace, MotoBatt has re-invented its products specifically for today’s powersports market where the “Triple Threat” of 1. High Vibration; 2. High Starting Loads and now more than ever; 3. Additional high powered accessory loads are all very common.

MotoBatt’s innovative internal “Power Balanced” design has been developed to overcome these problems. Many claims are made by different manufacturers about cranking capacity; in fact there is little to be gained from a battery that cranks harder than what is required to start your bike. In battery design there is always a tradeoff. Since physical battery size is limited by the application / case size, the more cranking power (increased number of thinner plates) you have, the less Amp Hour capacity you get, and vice versa. The key is to “balance” the design to offer maximum AH and CCA’s to properly power all of your “thirsty” OE and aftermarket accessories.

In today’s market to beat that “triple threat” we talked about earlier, what is required is the combination of strong cranking power with the highest Amp Hour (thicker, larger or heavier plates) capacity for additional accessory loads, repeated starts and fast power recovery for strong re-starts.

MotoBatt has improved on conventional designs by packing as much lead into our batteries in the smartest way as possible. Many low-cost batteries are only cheaper for one reason; they have less lead in them. These types of batteries can and likely will leave you stranded!

The patented “Quad Flex” terminal design also creates a shorter current path to the battery cable resulting in quicker power delivery to the starter and imporved starting ability. And in many application, provides improved, safer fitment for additional accessory leads through supplementary terminal location.

AGM Design

MotoBatt being a premium Absorbed Glass Mat battery is superior by design. AGM batteries have been used in demanding military and off-road applications for many years. The sealed, glass mat design has many longevity and reliability based benefits.

Each plate in the battery is wrapped in a fibrous glass matting which not only absorbs all liquid electrolyte but keeps the plates separated in a cushioned environment. This stops the plates from vibrating which can breakdown the plate and cause short circuits between the plates or break plate welds which result in battery failure. The thick, heavy plates used in MotoBatt designs really make the difference here.

AGM batteries also have a much lower inherent self discharge rate than wet flooded types. And, as a higher amp hour AGM battery, the MotoBatt battery can also discharge more deeply and recover repeatedly under vehicle alternator charge or through maintenance charging. A standard flooded cell battery is not capable of withstanding this type of cycling, without pre-mature failure.

Your MotoBatt is a Factory Activated battery. It comes to you pre-conditioned and fully charged for optimum performance and ready to install out of the box. 80% of early powersports battery failure is caused by faulty activation of the dry battery plates. Additionally, you never have to mess with acid or top up fluid levels or remove corrosion from the terminals caused by gassing; common with standard flooded battery types.

Harley Davidson FXR

Harley Davidson FXR

1983 Harley Davidson FXR

Every motorcycle has a story ranging from a ground up build you’ve just finished, or a brand new bike off the showroom floor, each has a beginning. With a used bike there are multiple stories, sometimes so many you can’t even recognize what it is anymore. The key here is everything changes, adapts, evolves and we are the leaders or pushers of the results. If you own a Harley Davidson FXR the story is one that rides on the beginning of a new business and its bright future.

Harley Davidson is a company that has spanned generations of old, young and future riders. With all that past time things had to change sometimes, and the Harley FXR was result of that change. The FX model began by combining the F or Touring models at the time with the X or Sportster models of the time. The name wasn’t anything special although it did create something new. The FX models were established during the reign of AMF. Not going into too many details, but the Hog did gets it’s nickname during this time because of the over-priced and poor quality products. On the verge of bankruptcy AMF decided to sell to 13 investors among who were Vaughn Beals and Willie G. Davidson. The company had to really get their act together in a short amount of time. They decided to research a new v-twin motor, and at the same time produce an all new model that would appeal to the modern rider.

In 1982 the company introduced the FXR model. The custom choppers of the 60’s and 70’s intrigued Mr. Davidson and he sought to design a bike to have a “custom” look. Although some say the FXR is the best bike Harley Davidson ever came up with, the potential for the FXR was outrageous. With the narrow forks off a XLH Sportster and the rear half of the Electra Glide it handled very well with good all around performance and comfort. A high performance roadster to give the Japanese bikes a little competition. Combining all these elements with the quality of American made manufacturing of all the components competed with quality only seen 20 years before. Getting back to their roots, and producing a high quality, high performance road bike the customers approved.

After the first year the 1982 Harley Davidson FXR sold approximately 6,100 units, this was an impressive number for the introduction of this new model in a company with new ownership. Also the FXR and FXRS were number one and 2 in sales for 1982. However, sales were not always great for the FXR, as remembered by Mark Tuttle, “we got a lot of “negative” response to the triangular area under the seat, even though we had created what we were indeed after, a very stiff chassis, very neutral handling, and a really good lean angle, which resulted in a fair amount of ground clearance and a higher seat height, and while it was probably the best-handling Harley ever built, Unfortunately, it just wasn’t selling as well as the rigid mounts were”.

There were several sub-models of the Harley Davidson FXR over it’s 12 year span. In 1982 there were only two: the FXR and FXRS. The S model had choice of color were the base model was only black, there was also a small difference in some of the optional items like wheels and passenger seat on the S models. The FXRT Sport Glide was introduced in 1983 which was after the metric cruiser market, with plastic saddlebags and a large front fairing. In 1984 the Evolution Motor started to show up in production, and the Disc Glide FXRDG, Low Glide FXRS, Sport Glide FXRT and Police Pursuit Glide FXRP came with the new motor. Building on these models there were several other from 1985-1994 that were introduced and faded away. Those models include: Low Glide Custom FXRC & FXLR (1985-1994), Grand Touring Edition FXRD (1985-86), FXR Special FXRS (1985), Low Rider Sport FXRS-SP (1987-1993), Low Rider 85th Anniversary FXRS (1988), Low Rider Convertible FXRS-Conv. (1989-1993). Changes over the years were sometimes major, just one example is the EPA regulation of 1992 where all the oil and gas lines along with a different carburetor and better brakes.

After 1995 and the end of the FXR there were models released in 1999 and 2000 that were part of the Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) series. The FXR2, FXR3 and FXR4 were released to gain interested in the last opportunity to get an upgraded version of a great chassis. There will always be new FXR’s out there with better technology on them, just because they are a bike people enjoy messing around on. Although the FXR frame ended production in 2000, the company that produced those amazing machines will still be around to create the next revolutionary design.

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Speed Dealer Customs

Brass motorcycle parts

Speed Dealer Customs – Brass Motorcycle Parts

Are you wanting to add a few accents to your Harley or if you have a custom build with a lot of brass Speed Dealer Customs can help. We have been manufacturing in brass ever since we found how awesome it would look on a motorcycle. Brass is an old material, much older than aluminum, chrome and even steel. Brass was thought to be used all the way back to Prehistory before we began recording. It wasn’t until right after the medieval period that we named it as a metal. Since that time we’ve used brass for everything you can think of from keys to ammunition brass is there. Brass has gone through many transformations over the years. There are over 20 different brass alloys, but only a few are still used for modern day manufacturing. Brass we use now is a combination of copper and zinc mainly with a few variations that use tin and other trace elements. At Speed Dealer Customs we use only the highest quality 360 solid brass made from 60% copper and 40% zinc for all of the parts you see on the website. We then polish all the brass motorcycle parts to a mirror finish, this gives them an extra effect when placed next to black. If you are going for the tarnished brass look, then know that not ALL brass products on the market will give that to you. We’ve seen everything from a thin brass coating to a mostly zinc brass (that when polished removes the brass color). If you purchase brass motorcycle parts from Speed Dealer Customs, know that you are only ordering the best and we stand behind our products.

Brass motorcycle parts - grips, foot pegs, toe pegs combo

Brass Grip, Foot Peg and Shift/Brake Peg Combo

Brass motorcycle parts - solid brass mirror set

Brass Mirror Set

Brass motorcycle parts - solid brass throttle housing for Harley Davidson dual cable

Brass Throttle Housing