2015 Triumph Bonneville

2015 Triumph Bonneville T214

2015 Triumph Bonneville


The Triumph Bonneville is by far one of the most iconic Triumph motorcycles on the market today. To understand the 2015 Triumph Bonneville you have to understand a little history. Triumph began manufacturing motorcycles in 1902 on a bicycle frame with a 2.25 bhp single cylinder engine. Some say 1959 was the first year, but for the mastermind behind Triumph it began much earlier. Now it wasn’t until 1939 when the first T-100 emerged under the Triumph banner. This was a big achievement in the motorcycle world where the top speed was 95-100 mph, and do the ton got it’s meaning!

1939 Triumph T-100

During WWII the French decided to purchase motorcycles from Triumph for the war effort, and they needed a new factory to keep up. It wasn’t until after all of this and WWII when Triumph began it’s Meriden models under the now defunct Triumph Engineering from 1958-1983 & 1986-1988. The name Meriden comes from the location of the first factory in Meriden, West Midlands, England. If you did not know it before Meriden & Hinckley are the two locations and generations commonly referred to for the Triumph Bonneville. The “Bonnie” started production in 1958 after Johnny Allen set a 193 mph record at Bonneville Salt Flats set in a 650cc Triumph power-plant. 1958 began the Meriden years on the Triumph Bonneville, and it went on sale in 1959. Two years later the Triumph’s claim to fame was in the popular classic The Great Escape (1963) with Steve McQueen and is crazy antics on a Triumph TR6 after escaping a POW camp.

Steve McQueen in The Great Escape

A couple more great steps for Triumph Engineering was help with the frame from a former Norton employee, and some other carburetor improvements the company seems to be headed in the right direction. The end of a generation was marked by the failure of the government subsidized motorcycle company, which owned Norton and Triumph motorcycles. The Norton Villiers Triumph government manufacturer collapsed in 1977 leaving Norton and Triumph to fend for themselves. With huge debt, over £10 million, and a declining U.S. market because of the £-to-$ exchange rate made it very difficult. Triumph was able to keep it’s doors open for a few more experimental models including a 900cc water-cooled twin looking for investment. With no help to be found Meriden went bankrupt in 1983.

2015 Triumph Bonneville Limited Edition Models

Triumph Bonneville – T214 Model

Triumph Bonneville - T214 Model

The limited edition Bonneville T214 is named after Johnny Allen and his famous Texas Ceegar powered by a Triumph engine, on which he established in 1956 the first of a series of speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats Salt Flats, with a speed of 214.40 mph.

The Texas Ceegar, a machine powered by the engine of the Triumph Thunderbird 650 powered with methanol and housed in a fuselage, was built by the airline pilot JH “Stormy” Mangham and Jack Wilson, dealer and preparer Fort Worth, inducted to the Hall of Fame bikers in 2001, and led by the legendary Texan driver Johnny Allen.

September 6, 1956, officials of the AMA and FIM World approve the absolute speed record on a motorcycle established by Allen, with 214.4 mph. The name of the now classic 1959 Triumph Bonneville pays tribute to the efforts of the team of the Texas Ceegar to set this record.

The new Bonneville T214 limited edition, derived from the T-100 Black, pays tribute to this extraordinary speed record. The colors Caspian Blue and Pure White hand-painted flag are associated with red and white checkerboard in reference to the Texas Ceegar. The blue front fender features the same white star pattern adorning the tip of the rolling famous rocket. The rear fender associated with short black finish wheels, handlebars and rear suspension springs enhance the authentic look, plus the red stitching on the seat and the front light more compact.

With production limited to 1000, each individually numbered, the price of the T214 will be announced shortly.

Triumph Bonneville – Spirit Model

Triumph Bonneville - Spirit Model

At the onset of the Triumph Bonneville in 1959 , bikers began to customize and make it unique. In recent decades, the Bonneville has countless custom versions from the detaining speed records to more contemporary special editions.

The new Bonneville Spirit captures the style and the coolness of the 50’s Bonneville, by injecting the genes of current technology to create the modern classic twin 21st century.

What meets the eye at first, is the unique painting Blue Spirit / New England White adorning the tank and rear fender . The white stitching adorning with textured yoke seat cover comes contrast with the Jet Black paint at the side and front fenders. Instead of the traditional Triumph badge, the new Triumph lettering is affixed to the tank to stick to the contemporary spirit of the bike.

Besides these components, many components such as the handlebars, the shell mirrors, motor casings, and the wheels and wheel hubs are a black finish. Silent short of the Bonneville, black compact flagship Scrambler and rear fender of Thruxton complete this look.

The heart of the iconic Bonneville Spirit remains the parallel twin 865cc. Developing a maximum power of 68 hp with a sound like no other, the Bonneville Spirit offers an easy driving, as well as versatility at any speed.

The relaxed riding position and low seat height are associated with the engine and chassis to combine to perfection the “Old School” style and dynamics of modern driving. The perfectly controlled steel tubular frame geometry is associated with the two rear shocks and KYB fork. Thus, the Bonneville Spirit offers an agile and light control, in total agreement with the performance of the engine.

A full range of Triumph Genuine Accessories enables customization to satisfy all cravings. The possibilities are virtually limitless with components to improve the style, protection, comfort and performance.

Triumph Bonneville – Newchurch Model

Triumph Bonneville - Newchurch Model

Each year, a small city located in the Austrian mountains is the largest gathering theater of Triumph’s in the world, with thousands of fans waiting for you to celebrate the passion they have for the brand and their machines. Hosting the most extravagant customs and drag racing off-road known as the “Rumble”, the town of Neukirchen since renamed Newchurch all week Tridays the festival.

Tridays the festival is an annual pilgrimage for many Triumph owners who invest in mass to the charming village of Newchurch and celebrate all that relates to the UK. In addition to the spectacular mountain walks, stunt shows and dementia of the duels in all- terrain, Tridays is where Triumph owners come to exhibit their latest preparations.

To celebrate this passion and fervor, Triumph Bonneville fate Newchurch Special Edition. This new model offers new contemporary colors, a new low-profile saddle with black finish. The fuel tanks are painted by hand, with a new design that highlights this iconic line and proudly wearing the new Triumph logo. Available in Cranberry Red / Pure White and Sapphire Blue / Pure White with black finish hand painted. To accentuate this customization, the Bonneville Newchurch has fender, a headlight casing, handlebars, mirrors and black springs for a distinctive contemporary look. Black alloy wheels accented seven rays of a hand painted edging round off this distinctive look.

Result: The Bonneville is more attractive than ever, and an ideal base to pursue its own customization.

The heart of the Newchurch is the iconic Bonneville parallel twin 865cc. The superb air-cooled engine block looks just like that of the original Bonneville, in carburetors, exhaust passages or engine casings.

But the elegance of this engine also hides a developed and prepared accurately block. Despite its appearance, the Bonneville is a modern machine and describes the quality, reliability and functionality of the latest Triumph models.

The parallel twin delivers a power of 68 hp over a wide rpm range for comfort and versatility on all reports. Finally, the latest technological innovations such as injection and electronic engine management ensure perfect control of the throttle and responsiveness of the engine worthy of the current requirements .

Like the Bonneville of origin, Newchurch has a low seat height, comfort and ergonomics, and handling up to par.

With a full range of Triumph accessories, customization possibilities are endless, ranging from windshield windbreaker or leather saddlebags, the Arrow exhaust systems or other elements bringing a touch of chrome.


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